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July 2, 2013
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Royal visit of the Derp kind by Jowybean Royal visit of the Derp kind by Jowybean
I need a little Derp :meow: in my life once in a while :giggle: lol

Although its never going to be established i think Celestia would respect derpy and encourage her to be the best mail mare ever o something along those lines :P…… it’s a cute idea deal with it. ;p :hug:

I was inspired by the style of painting I did in this pony art :) [link] for this idea

Rougher finishes tend to work well with me although it would be cool to produce more work with smoother seamless finishes for future pony art.

A brand new FIM title card will be done and uploaded soon :excited: so stay tuned for that. Its one of the bigger episodes shall we say.

Check out my FIM title card project [link]

until next deviation LATERS :peace:

Painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:
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NewportMuse Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Princess Celestia Icon Profile : Derpy Hooves, you are a kind, helpful and dedicated mare. I know that you have been teased for your eyes and light-hearted demeanor, but that says a lot about those ponies and nothing about you. You're a hard-working mailmare who always delivers on time and with accuracy, and Ponyville has the best post office in all Equestria thanks to you. And you are a wonderful mother to little Dinky, taking her in as a baby and adopting her as your own daughter. Rainbow Dash and Princess Twilight tell me you are an inspiration to both of them, and Twilight arranged for this visit to my castle as my guest of honor.

And I want to commend you for your kindness and dedication by proclaiming you an Honorary Princess. (crowns Derpy with a tiara decorated with a muffin-shaped jewel) May you wear it proudly and joyfully, my faithful one.

Derpy Clapping Pony Icon : (sheds a tear) Snf.. derp... thank you, Princess Celestia. Thank you. Hug 
Fierce-Dities-Link Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Will you sign this petition to help save Derpy?…
Saddust Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Awww, Derpy... Already signed, I hope lot of people will do the same.
Fierce-Dities-Link Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Thanks pal!
opentoheven Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
She should be grateful at derp's even came to the castleWink/Razz. Great work
xelianthought Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Very lovely! 
knexfan100 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
derpy's heart of gold + celestia's..... celestianess = the meaning of mlp
JunglePony Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most loved pony in all of Equestria for a day. 
Ianpiersonjdavis Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:Yes, Derpy this land shall be filled with muffins as far as the eye can see...


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